hey babe *wraps you up in a blanket* i know today might have been hard for you *ruffles your hair* but you made it through the day *boops your nose* you’re doing such a good job *kisses your forehead* and i am so proud of you

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If you could go anywhere in the world right now would it be to a “where” or to a “who”?

I was not prepared for this question

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Anonymous: fuck's the beep test???


lemme tell u the story of my people son

the first beep goes off and you start off motivated and you feel like you can do this. The 20 metres feel like nothing, as you run, another beep goes forcing you to make it to the opposite side of the gym. The beeps get faster and faster as you cling for air, the children begin to drop. Slowly at first and then all at once. You just pray to god you arent the first to drop off. The beeps get faster and faster till you can take it no more. You go to the side, out of the other peoples way as their legs begin to buckle. You look over and you see the bodies of many lying limp on the floor. Some may even faint and be sent home. And that my son, is the story of the beep test.

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laughing at ppl who buy their snacks at the movies instead of bringing their own. WHY DO YOU THINK GOD MADE POCKETS AND PURSES FOR

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